We want each of your apartments to feel like home and bringing in your own personal style will help make it possible for you. Here are ten tips for decorating your apartment home:

1. Start with your bedding.

Your bedroom is where you will spend the most time, so make it special. We suggest bedding made of natural materials like cotton or bamboo, and to have at least two fitted sheets for when you do the wash.

2. Put the fun in functional.

Invest in nice organizers and bins. You’ll be more likely to use them if you like they way they look.

3. Bigger is better.

Scale is important and we are often too tempted to buy lots of small things rather than spending a bit more on one thing that you really love.

4. Only buy what you love.

It’s tempting to buy what is on sale, but you most likely won’t use it long term. Shop smart by only buying what you love.

5. Know your local resources!

And sorry, it’s not Target. But don’t worry, Rexburg has a few cute shops if you know where too look. We love Real Deals, All Occasions, Deseret Book, and our thrift store, DI!

6. Give your apartment life with plants.

The greenhouse on campus has amazing deals on plants for you to incorporate into your apartment. We don’t think you can ever have enough.

7. Avoid the freshman mistake of bottle collecting.

Yes, we know you like energy drinks, and no, we don’t think it’s cool to make it into a tower in your living room.

8. Create your common spaces together.

Get with your roommates to unify your style! An intentional space will always look best, and tell your roommate story.

9. Go full Kondo.

If you don’t know how to tidy, Marie Kondo’s Netflix special will inspire you. You’re welcome.

10. Be clean.

No matter how cute your space is, it’s hard to see it with dirty dishes and an unmade bed!