Women's Apartment Homes

By clicking APPLY NOW, you'll create a Tenant Access Account. Once you verify the account you'll complete an application. Upon completing your application you'll be prompted pay a $100 processing fee and $150 security deposit. You can reserve uncovered parking for $75. All utilities, on-site laundry, and fiber optic internet are included in the pricing listed below. Once your application is submitted and your application fee and security deposit is paid, we'll send you a contract to sign in your Tenant Web Access.

Spring 2024

04-19-24 thru 07-26-24

Semester divided into 4 equal payments as listed.

$1,125 3x2 Apt Home ($281)
$1,125 3X3 Apt Home ($281)


Fall 2024

9-13-24 to 12-20-23

Semester divided into 4 equal payments as listed.

$1,225 3x2 Apt Home ($306)
$1,225 3x3 Apt Home ($306)

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Fall 2024/Winter 2025

9-13-24 to 4-12-25

Semester divided into 8 equal payments as listed.

$2,400 3x2 Apt Home ($300)
$2,400 3x3 Apt Home ($300)

Combine & Save $50

Fall 2024/Spring 2025

9-13-24 to 12-20-24 and 4-18 to 7-25-25

Semester divided into 8 payments as listed.

$2,275 3x2 Apt Home ($284)
$2,275 3X3 Apt Home ($284)

Combine & Save $175!

Fall 24/Winter 25/Spring 25

9-13-24 to 7-25-25

Semester divided into 12 equal payments as listed.

$3,420 3X2 Apt Home ($285/Month)
$3,420 3X2 Apt Home ($285/Month)


Winter 2025

1-6-25 to 4-12-25

Semester divided into 4 equal payments as listed.

$1,225 3x2 Apt Home ($306)
$1,225 3x3 Apt Home ($306)

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Winter 2025/Spring 2025

1-6-25 thru 7-25-25

Semester divided into 8 equal payments as listed.

$2,275 3x2 Apt Home ($284)
$2,275 3X3 Apt Home ($284)

Sign Early & Save $175!*

Summer 2024 Only

7-26-24 to 9-12-24

One time payment due Aug 1st.

$600 3X2 Apt Home
$600 3x3 Apt Home

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Summer 2024 Add-On

7-26-24 to _____

Combine with future contracts to save.

$400 3X2 Apt Home
$400 3X3 Apt Home

Limited Spots Available!

*All Early Bird and Dual Semester Discounts are reflected in the semester and monthly pricing listed above.
Referral discounts are only for NEW Winter and Spring resident referrals.

When you sign for three full tracks, Fall-Spring, save $250, plus you get Christmas and Spring Break FREE! (Additional $200 savings)  This option is great for international and fast track students.  The first Payment is due August 1st, and the move in date follows the BYU-I housing schedule.

Summer Session Contracts are traditionally offered to students staying for the fall semester at a discounted rate.  If you would like to add a summer session contract, please contact us and we'll get you set up with a renewal offer to sign in your resident portal!  Summer Session Contracts are discounted for students staying for the fall: