Payment Schedule

All rent payments are due on the first of the month, with a grace period until the 6th. The student is responsible to budget and plan to meet these payments independent of the disbursement of scholarships or financial aid.

Payment Due Dates

With the BYU-Idaho Track System, students move-in and out of the same apartment at different times.  Our payment schedule is independent from the BYU-I Approved Housing Contract dates.  Parking permits and payment plan set up fees, when applicable, are paid with the first payment of rent, one semester at a time.


We encourage students to make semester payments in full.  To do so, simply multiply the first payment by four or refer to your rental contract to semester totals.  Students who opt to pay in full, and are unable to do so by the first payment due date, are automatically transitioned to a payment plan outlined in the student contract and a $50 payment plan set up fee will apply.


Students who intend to pay their rent using financial aid are offered a payment deferment until 10 days after check-in with a $50 fee. If a student receiving financial aid is unable to pay by the check-in plus 10-day grace period, they will automatically follow the payment schedule listed online.


Students who are unable to pay in full by the first payment due date are given the option to make four equal payments each semester. The due dates for each payment are listed on our website. A $50 payment plan fee will be assessed for those needing a monthly payment plan and late fees are covered in the contract.



Early Check-in Fees

When our maintenance between semesters is on schedule we do offer some opportunity for early check-ins with manager permission.  There is a mandatory $20 administrative fee + a $10 nightly rate.  This fee is waived for Get Connected volunteers (unpaid) that are registered with BYU-Idaho.



Web Access, or Resident portal.  ACH or eCheck payments are free, and all card payments carry a $25 per payment fee.  We do not accept cash, and ask for payments to be made online.