Sports have long been a staple of college life. Students all over the country participate in sporting events as both spectators and athletes. However, since only some colleges have a large athletic program, participating in intramural sports is one of the best ways students can expand their horizons while staying active. 

Intramural sports cover a wide range of sports, providing something for everyone. These activities offer low-stakes fun where you can meet new people and become part of a community at college. Participating in sports can also provide mental and physical health benefits, supporting students’ well-being at college.

At BYU-Idaho, there are many different sports you can choose to participate in if you are looking to make some new friends or find fun things to do around campus. 

Types of Intramural Sports at BYU-Idaho

BYU-Idaho has a wide range of sports activities taking place throughout the year.

Seasonal sports

  • Basketball - Rec
  • Billiards/Pool - Group
  • Bowling - Group
  • Cricket - Group
  • Disc Golf - Events
  • Dodgeball - Event
  • E-sports - Group
  • Golf - Scramble - Events
  • Indoor Kickball - Group
  • Pickleball - Rec
  • Rugby - Group
  • Softball - Rec
  • Swimming - Events
  • Ultimate Frisbee - Rec
  • Volleyball - Rec
  • Wallyball - Events
  • Water polo - Group
  • Cornhole - Events
  • Flag Football - Rec
  • Golf - Individual Stroke - Events
  • Grass Volleyball - Rec
  • Mud Volleyball - Events
  • Soccer - Rec
  • Spikeball - Event
  • Wife Carry - Event
  • Fencing - Group
  • Floor Hockey - Group
  • Jiu-Jitsu - Group
  • Lacrosse - Group
  • Table Tennis - Group
  • Tennis - Group
  • Track & Field - Group
  • Wrestling - Group
  • Football - Competitive
  • Soccer - Competitive

One-time events/tournaments 

  • Billiards/Pool
  • Cricket
  • Disc Golf
  • Dodgeball
  • Golf - Scramble
  • Cornhole
  • Golf - Individual Stroke
  • Spikeball
  • Wife Carry

Co-ed and single-gender teams

  • Basketball: Men’s and Women’s
  • Dodgeball: Co-Ed
  • Pickleball: Men’s and Women’s
  • Softball: Men’s and Women’s, Co-Ed
  • Ultimate Frisbee: Men’s and Women’s, Co-Ed
  • Volleyball: Co-Ed
  • Cornhole: Co-Ed
  • Flag Football: Men’s and Women’s
  • Spikeball: Co-Ed
  • Wife Carry: Co-Ed
  • Fencing: Co-Ed
  • Soccer: Men’s and Women’s

How to Get Involved


Getting involved in BYU-Idaho’s intramural sports is easy. Simply explore the Intramural Registration directory, select the sport you want to participate in, and sign into your BYU-Idaho profile to register. You will be provided with the date, time, and location where you need to meet.


Because the BYU-I campus largely sponsors these activities, some restrictions exist on who can join.

Recreational sports/events: Participants must be enrolled BYU-I students, spouses of current students, full-time campus employees, or ecclesiastical leaders.

Competitive sports: Participants must be enrolled students of BYU-I or spouses of current students.

Participation fees

Most of the intramural sports at BYU-Idaho come with a participation fee:

Recreational sports: Expect a $40-75 fee per team based on the sport you choose.

Competitive sports: You can anticipate a $20-45 individual fee to participate.

You can find the exact amount when you register online for a particular sport or event.

Benefits of Participating in Intramural Sports

Participating in intramural sports comes with many physical, emotional, and social benefits.

Physical benefits

  • Intramural sports provide different ways of getting active, helping to boost overall cardio health, strength, and mobility.
  • Participating in regular physical activities can help improve energy levels. 

Mental health benefits

  • Physical activity can help mental health by releasing the body’s “feel-good” chemicals–endorphins and serotonin–which help improve mood.
  • Physical recreation can also provide a distraction from stress or feelings of anxiety.

Social benefits

  • It creates opportunities to meet and engage with others and helps students feel like they are part of a community outside of their area of study or apartment complex.

Tips for Success in Intramural Sports

Want to succeed in BYU-Idaho’s intramural sports? Here are some useful tips for success:

  • Work on your physical condition and skills outside your training sessions to help you improve your fitness.
  • Show team spirit by staying positive, even in the face of tough losses. 
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills by being clear and proactive. You could even work towards a leadership role within your chosen sport.
  • Connect with your teammates by participating in social activities and taking the time to get to know them.
  • Remember to find the balance between academics and sports. Taking part in intramural activities shouldn’t affect your study time.
  • Always be respectful to others, either as a participant or a spectator. Sports should be a safe and inclusive place for all. 

Additional Considerations

If you’re thinking of signing up for any intramural sports, you should also keep the following considerations in mind:

Additional costs

Many activities have additional costs, including uniforms and equipment. To help you manage your finances, do your best to learn these fees upfront.

Time commitments

Many activities involve serious time commitments, including travel time between practice, games, and event locations. Speak to some existing members to get a clearer sense of how much time you’ll need to dedicate to your activity each week.


Participation in intramural sports should always be balanced with the rest of your college life. Consider your class schedule, job, or any other commitments that may affect your ability to participate fully. 

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College allows you to try new things and participate in activities you might never have tried before. From team sports to one-off events, there is plenty to choose from at BYU-Idaho.

Intramural sports are an important part of the BYU-Idaho experience, as is where you live. Contact American Avenue today to learn more about our accommodation options, including all the facilities you need to study and enjoy college life. We can’t wait to welcome you to our community!