Visiting Idaho offers many fun activities and amazing places to eat. Like many US cities, Rexburg has several restaurants and places to have a good meal. However, looking for a place nearby to satisfy your hunger can be overwhelming if you are a first-year student. It can also seem daunting for those students who are new to the BYU-I housing area. Luckily, Madison County is brimming with foods other than hamburgers. The options are endless. In this post, we have listed some food and drink establishments within walking distance of American Avenue housing.  


Pick Me Up Drinks 

Pick Me Up Drinks can be perfect for adding cheer and a smile to your day. As the name suggests, they have the ideal blend of drinks for you. Imagine your favorite Coca-Cola, Sprite, or Pepsi mixed with coconut, fresh lime, peach, and vanilla. Aside from the hot drinks and “secret menu,” you can create your own drink.


SodaVine is an outlet with three Idaho locations serving soda, mixed cocktails, pretzels, custards, and other treats. The shop offers a pleasant, nostalgic hangout with a modern twist. Most importantly, the shop is a favorite as wonderful individuals gather there. Try SodaVine to experience the retro, fun hangout with good music in the background.  

Crush Drinks - Boba Coffee Soda

Walk into the calm atmosphere at Crush Drinks - Boba Coffee Soda to have a terrific strawberry lemonade. While the taro is nicely cooked, the tasty crepes and biscuits make Crush Drinks a must-visit. Many guests say the prices are great too. You can check out Crush Drink’s Google ratings to know what to expect.

Great Scotts

Why not find out if the Great Scotts is the birthplace of the Redneck Soda Mixers? Sited just a few blocks from BYU-I, you can order soda mixers, energy drinks, and snacks without sweating the distance. There is also roller-grill cuisine and an ATM available. 

Tropical Smoothie Cafe 

Tropical Smoothie Cafe can quickly boost your mood with healthy, made-to-order smoothies, flatbreads, wraps, and quesadillas. You can also order online via their app to enjoy delicious smoothies and healthy meals made with only fresh vegetables and fruits. Tropical Smoothie Cafe also offers delivery, curbside, or pickup.


Crumbl Cookies - Rexburg 

There is always something new at Crumbl Cookies. The menu is never the same because they rotate six delectable gourmet flavors every week. Crumbl Cookies has the tastiest bites for pickup, takeout, or delivery. You’ll think their enormous number of social media followers is too good to be true until you taste the best cookies that you have ever had. 

Cookies & Pastries 

Karie Anne’s Frozen Desserts

Whether it is Italian ice or custard flavors, Karie Anne’s Frozen Desserts has various flavors to delight you. There is something for everyone. Choose green apple, blue raspberry, mango, pina colada, peach, vanilla, or chocolate. You know you want to try it. So why not follow your heart to Karie Anne’s? 

K-Lani’s Grill 

K-Lani’s is a great recommendation if you are searching for delicious treats and a charming environment. Aside from their American and North American cuisine, you can try K-Lani’s Italian ice and custard flavors like red raspberry, coconut, orange, and vanilla. You can place an order through in-house delivery, DoorDash, or sit-down. 

Kiwi Loco

What if you could have your yogurt your way? You can do this at Kiwi Loco by choosing from various yogurt flavors. You can select from a full menu of  nonfat frozen yogurt, no-sugar-added frozen yogurt, premium frozen yogurt, and sorbet non-dairy. There are also dry toppings, sugar-free toppings, fresh fruit, and syrup. You can also check their Facebook for daily deals and promotions from the Rexburg Store Specials. 

Mrs. Powell’s 

Mrs. Powell’s has been making quality baked foods since 1984. It  is an excellent spot if you miss your grandma’s delicious baked foods and soups. You can have chocolate chip cookies, mini cinnamon rolls, mini orange rolls, and so on. You should experience their full menu if you are looking to awaken your childhood nostalgia. 


Five Guys 

With a thousand ways to customize your burger and several milkshake combinations you haven't tried yet, perfect meals await at Five Guys. Their ingredients are hand-prepared, and only the fresh ground beef and fries are double-cooked. This means eating healthy and enjoying the best experience. The best part? It is only a short walk from BYU-I housing. 

Righteous Slice

Righteous Slice are pizza pros. They take the hard road to make you a great pizza. Trek to Righteous Slice if you want something different from your average American pizza. Perhaps their 900 degrees’ wood-fired, handmade Italian brick oven could be the secret recipe for their Neapolitan pizza. You’ll never know until you try. 

Millhollow Restaurant

Aside from the exceptional food, Millhollow Restaurant’s local and unique atmosphere makes it the perfect spot for post-gathering, date nights, and road trips. Enjoy the best sandwiches, salads, and frozen yogurt at Millhollow. They can also cater for you if you are hosting some friends on Friday night or over the weekend. Check out Millhollow to be part of their story since 1983. 

Kingdom of Pho

This store, which is a veteran-owned and run store, brings Vietnamese food to Rexburg and surrounding areas. If you are a vegetarian—or just want a gluten-free meal—you are in good hands. Kingdom of Pho’s appetizers, Pho with beef, rice bowls, noodle bowls, and sodas, bring Asian cuisine right to your doorstep. You can also try their Banh Mi, which is filled with cucumber, pickled carrots, cilantro, and other healthy ingredients. 

The Pit Barbecue 

The Pit Barbecue is within walking distance from BYU-I. Here, you can enjoy freshly smoked meat, sandwiches, and sides. This popular spot features delivery, takeout, outdoor seating, and high chairs to give you one of the best food experiences in the area. You can visit their website to select from a wide range of menu options for your lunch and dinner. 

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