After a busy year at college, you’ve earned your summer break. It’s the perfect time to relax and unwind after months of studying and hard work, and a chance to finally get to the things you’ve put off since last winter.

But a long summer break can also bring challenges. When you’re out of the routine of college, you can find yourself sleeping in more and spending your days in front of Netflix instead of making the most of your time off. This is why keeping a routine is important, helping you find a balance so you can make the most of your summer. 

How can you stay on track over the next few months? Here’s our handy guide to keeping good habits throughout the summer.

Maintaining Routines

Keeping a routine is one of the best ways to help you maintain good habits through the summer. While it’s important to take some time to chill out, you shouldn’t waste all of your days in bed or lounging around the house. A good routine will help you stay fresh and energized, and make it easier for you to go back to college in the fall. Some great tips for maintaining a routine include:

  • Set a wake-up time every morning. Keep it consistent.
  • Plan some time for exercise, breakfast, and your other morning rituals such as reading or your skincare routine.
  • Try to get outside at least once a day. A walk is good for your physical and mental health and helps you maintain a regular body clock.
  • Wind down at least an hour before you go to sleep. A little reading or meditation can help you prepare your body for sleep, and you should avoid scrolling your devices in that hour before you plan to go to sleep.
  • Stick to a consistent bedtime. You should be aiming for 7-8 hours of sleep a night to help your body recharge. 
  • Make plans and stick to them. Even if it’s as simple as heading out to the store or going for a coffee, it’s good to develop some habits that will keep you busy each day.

Keeping Fit and Healthy

Staying on top of your physical and mental health is important, and maintaining some healthy habits over the summer months will help you enjoy your time off and leave you feeling positive and full of energy. Some great tips for keeping fit and healthy over the summer are:

  • Wake up early to squeeze in a run or a workout. Make the most of the sunrise to get a head start on the day.
  • Maintain balance within your diet. Always eat breakfast and plan your meals to help your body get the nutrition it needs.
  • Embrace active travel. Walking and cycling are excellent ways to get around, especially during the summer. Avoid relying on your car if you can help it.
  • Plan some daily exercise. You should aim for at least 30 minutes a day to help you stay active. 
  • Don’t forget about your mental health. Take time for yourself to relax and do the things that keep you grounded and happy. 

Saving Money

College life can be expensive, especially with the cost of living rising each year. Saving money throughout the summer can help make things easier for the next year, easing some of the pressure you may face as a student. Finding a summer job will also help keep you in a routine, giving you some structure to your days. 

Some useful tips for helping you find a summer job are:

  • Check out cafés, bars, and restaurants that may be looking for extra help over the summer months.
  • Summer camps and programs are a great way to get outdoors and earn some money.
  • Find out what local events are taking place over the summer where you could work. Festivals, concerts, and sports events employ a lot of people on a casual basis, and could be an excellent way for you to make some money.
  • A summer internship can be a good way to get some experience in the field you want to work in one day, and some internships are paid to help you save some money.
  • Online and remote jobs can help you work around more flexibly, so if you want to travel over the summer months, this could be a way for you to juggle both. 
  • Set a budget for yourself to help you enjoy the summer while still being able to save some money. 

Staying Socially Involved

Campus can get quiet over the summer months with many students returning to their hometowns and families. This can make you feel lonely, which is why it’s important to stay social and check out what’s going on over the summer. Some fun ways to help you stay socially involved include:

  • Attend Family Home Evening (FHE) events. There are fun activities planned on Monday nights that can be a good way to stay busy and meet some new people. Check out your local group for more information.
  • Hang out with your roommates. From cooking meals together to going to the movies or the beach, there are a lot of things you can do with your roommates so you can all enjoy the summer.
  • Take a look at on-campus events taking place over the summer months. Most colleges have a summer program, so you should be able to find something going on to help you meet others and make the most of your break.
  • Volunteer for a local community project. This can be a valuable way to spend your time helping others in need while also meeting some new people. This is something you can keep up throughout the year and also a rewarding way to help you give back.

Spending summer on campus brings you some amazing opportunities. You’ll get to hang out with your friends, make some money, and explore the local area in a way that might not be possible once your studies resume. Focus on maintaining good habits that will keep you happy, healthy, and ready to return to college next fall feeling refreshed and ready to go!

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