Between dealing with the struggles of school, social life, and the curveballs that life throws at us, anxiety seems to be the adding factor that wreaks havoc on our mental state. We may wonder what our lives would be without anxiety taking control of our thoughts, but here are some ways to fight off this inner saboteur.

Self Love

Taking time for yourself is a task that most of us take lightly. When in fact, if our mental state isn’t at its full strength then we aren’t producing at the best of our capabilities. Creating an environment that allows you to put yourself first can be difficult, but it’s crucial to benefit your mental health. You must build a mindset that boosts yourself up, and that is hard when it feels like life keeps throwing everything at you.

Something that most of us struggle with, particularly when it comes to self-love, is the overuse of social media. Sometimes it’s best to put our phone away and put a pause on the amount of screentime that we are consuming. Of course, the validation of a like or a follow can give us some serotonin, however, these might measure the number of people that are influenced by the things we post. But that does not change our value as a person. Social media opens up avenues to measure ourselves to other people which can be detrimental to our mental health.

Talk with someone

Of course, getting your emotions out is easier said than done, but find someone to talk to because keeping the emotions in isn’t helping. The person you are sharing with could have some helpful insight to help you get through your struggles, and there’s a chance they know of a few ways to make you feel better.

It is powerful to show someone that you care enough to share your thoughts and feelings. Just because you think you are showing your weaknesses, it doesn’t mean that you are less. There is strength in showing yourself in a fragile state. We are not robots, we are humans with thought processes that need to be expressed and grown upon, so open up to someone and create a bond.

Healthy Living

Constructing a healthy lifestyle does have some harsh realities like eliminating sugar and overcoming laziness, however it is the perfect lifestyle to compete with anxiety. Whether it’s working out or changing the way that you eat, it is beneficial to help your body work more efficiently.

Working out releases endorphins that can decrease your body’s reception to pain. It also gives you something to look forward to. Once you start to initiate a routine or a way to work on your fitness, your muscle memory starts to develop and you are putting your efforts into getting better rather than letting anxiety take control.


Something that we often forget about is the importance of breathing. Taking time to stop and breathe can give your body a calming state. Breathing is what brings us back to a centered state, it allows your body to reduce the adrenaline chemicals which help you respond to stress and help with your decision-making skills. Simple breathing exercises can lower your heart rate, improve diabetic symptoms, regulate your body's response to fatigue, and lower your blood sugar.

Mindful affirmations

Affirmations are phrases that affirm your inner thoughts or give you encouragement. This is more of a personal task that creates something to alleviate the stress that you are feeling. For instance, when you have an anxiety flare-up or feel like things are not going your way, take a deep breath in and say something positive or that can get your mind off of all the negative thoughts that are filling your head.

When you start to feel that anxious pull, take a step back and realize who you are! The negative thoughts that are filling your head aren’t beneficial to anyone. With this time you are taking, think about the things that you have going for you and the future endeavors that are about to fill your days.

Get Organized

Often, anxiety stems from the build-up of responsibilities. So, we have to make sure that we are using our time wisely. A great way to not get overwhelmed with the task you have planned is to make a list of everything you want to get done and make time slots for how long you’re giving yourself to finish your task.

Something that has pros and cons in this regard is social media. Sometimes it can take us away from the things that we are stressing about, but it can also keep us from getting anything done. Of course, we all want to see the latest trends on TikTok and catch up with our friends on Instagram, but that can add burdens onto our plate and generate more anxiety. It’s best to put a timer on the amount of time you want to spend on social media so that you can allow yourself to destress, but you’re also developing healthy boundaries and staying on task.

Stop procrastinating! The work that is on your plate could be what’s making you anxious. It’s also not going to complete itself if you keep procrastinating. The main reason that people procrastinate is based on failure which is a mindset that we all have to unlearn. We should not live our lives in fear of things that we cannot control. Putting your best effort into something and creating something that is from the heart is the best way to eradicate that sense of fear, so let’s get to work!

Anxiety isn’t something that we can get rid of quickly, but there are ways to control how we are feeling. We have to realize that we have emotions that need to be dealt with and that’s the main thing that needs to be addressed. Anxiety isn’t cured with a snap of the finger and the thumb. There are ways to combat anxiety, but you cannot expect your body to do more than it is capable of.