College is a time for new experiences, a wealth of knowledge, and life-long friendships. However, these generally occur upon leaving the cement confines of your gray dorm walls. Allow yourself to participate in the countless activities, clubs, and events your campus offers throughout the year and into the summer for the ultimate college experience you’ve been hearing about. Below are some of the activities to look forward to around campus.

1. Join A Club

Whether you're into Japanese anime, ESports gaming, or cross country running, a group of willing enthusiasts have likely created a club for it on a college campus near you. These clubs provide open environments to join like-minded students with your interests to discuss topics, socialize, or become more involved in various capacities either within your community or on campus.

2. Audition For A Play

College campuses are ideal locations for individuals with a penchant for the arts. Open auditions occur regularly for either experienced or amateur performers, so take a look on the event boards for auditions or upcoming performances to attend. This can also include bands, comedians, or stage events of all kinds, so keep your eye out for postings throughout the year.

3. Join A Committee

Traditionally student run, campus committees and organizations are an ideal way of formally involving yourself in activity or event planning. This can also include student government, where your input as an active student is valued predominantly over many others. You’ll gain academic involvement and professional skills while learning to organize within a group.

4. Find A Job

Money, time, and professional experience speak volumes during your college years. Check in with student resources and professors for internships, job opportunities, or casually volunteering around campus. This can provide resume experience and networking opportunities to give you the upper hand on other applicants.

5. Write For The School Paper

Sometimes the school paper has volunteers, paid openings, or courses in journalism for enthusiastic students. Whether you prefer to write, edit, take photos, or manage administrative duties, your help is likely welcomed. Contact your school paper and communicate your interests in whatever capacity interests you the most, they’ll likely be glad you did.

6. Become A Tutor

They say the best way to learn is to teach. If you have a specific subject you enjoy, look into becoming a tutor for other students. You could do one-on-one tutoring or even lead group tutoring sessions while making some extra money on the side.

7. Join A Sports Team

With clubs and activities come sports and those willing to play them. If you enjoy a particular sport as a hobby, consider joining a casual pick-up group around school. These groups are composed of amateur to high end players, so be honest with your skills and let yourself transition into the level that suits you best.

8. Go To Events

Universities to community colleges host an array of various events throughout the school year. These could be job fairs or summer solstice activities, so check the events calendar to see what’s offered next.

9. Attend Concerts

Concerts can vary from the university’s annual Christmas concert to popular guest artists at larger venues. Take this time to experience bands, orchestras, or famous groups. Typically, you’ll receive student discounts and prime seating, which should be all the more reason to attend.

10. Look For Opportunities To Serve

Service is great for you, your school, and your community. Various groups on your campus conduct different forms of service from cleaning up parks to Big-Brother/Little Brother programs. Not only will this provide a greater purpose with your extracurricular activities, but will also serve as a gleaming reference to your character on future resumes and job opportunities.

Bonus: Get involved in activities with your student housing complex to get to know your neighbors so you have friends to try out new on-campus activities with!