It’s finally warm and beautiful in Idaho and your itch to explore just won’t go away. The question now is, where to go? Although it may feel like you have been buried in snow the majority of the year, Idaho really does have some beautiful locations to offer.  If you’re new to the Rexburg area, or just looking for some fresh ideas here are a few locations you should try, to satisfy your wanderlust.  

  1.     The Dunes

The Dunes are amazing mountains of sand that stretch for miles, just 15 minutes out of Rexburg. They are a perfect place for stargazing, marshmallow roasting, dune sledding and much more. If you haven’t spent an evening at the dunes yet, you should definitely add it to the places you need to visit.

  1.     Warm Slough

Some Rexburg summer days can be down right hot. If you’re starting to feel the heat, head on down to the warm slough for a little float trip. It’s about a 45 minute float, depending on how quick the water is flowing and all you need to bring is a swimsuit and something to float right along on.  

  1.     R Mountain

Everyone knows about R Mountain, but what you may not know is when you should go for a hike there. Since the countryside right by R Mountain isn’t the most breathtaking, try going after the sun goes down. On clear nights you won’t just see the amazingly bright stars but also lights all the way down in Idaho Falls.  

  1.     Cress Creek Trail

The trail at Cress Creek is a nice little hike that is only about 30 minutes out of Rexburg. The view of the valley from the trail is amazing and you can see the Snake River stretching out across the land for miles. Just make sure to bring a bit of water with you for your hike.

  1.     Warm River

The Warm River is a wonderful place to take a tube and float. Depending on where you start your trip it can be over an hour of floating. You’ll float through canyons and under old abandoned bridges. You’ll definitely want two vehicles, so you don’t have to walk all the way back to where you started your float.

  1.     The Wind Cave

The Wind Cave is a hike that’s definitely worth adding to your schedule. It’s all the way out in Driggs, about an hour away from Rexburg. You’ll hike along the top of cliffs, through waterfalls, over rivers and across fields of wildflowers.

  1.     Upper Falls

The Upper Falls at Mesa Falls offers a jaw dropping view. The look out points put you right up next to the falls themselves so you can practically feel the mist coming off of the cascading water. Since it’s more of a light stroll than hike, this is a perfect Sunday drive for anyone looking for something both beautiful and relaxing.

  1.     Lower Falls

The Lower Falls at Mesa Falls offer a fantastic hike down to the waterfalls for those who are into hiking adventures. There is also a trail that connects the upper and lower falls if you’re looking for a few hours of excursion.

  1.     Bear Gulch Trailhead

The Bear Gulch Trailhead is located on your way up to Mesa Falls. It’s a walking and bike friendly trail that overlooks the Warm River. For anyone that loves nature the scenery is stunning. There is also a neat abandoned train tunnel along the trail cut right into the mountain that you can peak inside of.

  1.   Packsaddle Lake

At least once while you’re in Rexburg you have to take a trip over to Packsaddle Lake. It’s a beautiful blue lake nestled into the mountains about 40 minutes outside of Rexburg. Make sure to take a vehicle up to the task of getting you up the mountain because sometimes the road can be a bit treacherous.

There is so much to do just outside of Rexburg during the summer. Find a friend and plan an excursion to see one of the many beautiful sites of Idaho. There are so many places to go besides your apartment when the weather is gorgeous, and nature is free!