One big learning curve for many people when they move into their first apartment is cleaning. There are now lots of things that you need to remember to keep clean and hopefully you have good roommates who help with the workload. Here is a list of the cleaning products you’ll want to keep around the apartment.  

  1.     Rags or sponges

o   Pick up a few cleaning rags or sponges for cleaning dishes, wiping up spills and general house cleaning. If you have an old cotton t-shirt you could even rip that up to use as rags.

  1.     All-purpose cleaner

o   It’s smart to keep a general all-purpose cleaner around. This will come in handy when you are getting ready for a clean check and needing to scrub away the grime from you and your roommates daily living.

  1.     Dish Soap

o   Dish soap is great for cleaning your dishes, but it also serves other purposes. Fill up a bucket with some warm water and mix in just a bit of liquid dish soap and you’re ready to give your floors a good cleaning or walls a nice wipe down.

  1.     Mop and bucket

o   Most apartments do not provide a mop and bucket. You’ll want to coordinate with your roommates to make sure at least one of you has a mop and bucket for when the kitchen floor needs a good scrub.

  1.     Toilet Brush

o   A toilet brush is another thing that your apartment probably won’t provide. You’ll want at least one for scrubbing the stink out of your toilet bowl every week or so. You don’t want your bathroom getting smelly!

  1.     Toilet Bowl Cleaner

o   Toilets deal with some nasty stuff, so they need a powerful cleaner to keep them shining and white. You’ll want special toilet bowl cleaning that is formulated to remove the stink and water lines from inside your toilet.

  1.     Glass Cleaner

o   Nothing says “dirty house” like unwashed windows and mirrors. Make sure to always have some glass cleaner under your sink so you’re ready to give your bathroom mirrors and outside windows a quick face lift.

  1.     Oven Cleaner

o   It’s important to clean your oven with specially formulated oven cleaner. You cook your food in the oven, and you don’t want to unknowingly bake chemicals into your cookies by using random cleaners.

Extra: Disinfectant Wipes

o   If you have an all-purpose cleaning then you probably don’t “need” disinfectant wipes, but they are very nice to have around. On the days that your apartment just needs a quick freshening up, it works great to give the counters and walls a quick wipe down. This not only disinfects, but also leaves your apartment smelling and feeling clean.

Try and give your apartment a nice cleaning every week or two to keep everything looking and smelling fresh. With four to six people living in one space, things can get messy pretty fast. But if you keep up with the cleaning then you’ll always be able to enjoy living in a clean space.