With a mask mandate in place for public areas both indoors and outdoors in Madison County, including BYU-Idaho campus, staying healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic should be at the top of your list. Here’s our guide to keeping your immune system strong, on and off campus.

1. Avoid the typical college diet

Ramen noodles and macaroni and cheese are almost rites of passage for college students. But let’s face it: these meals don’t offer much in the way of nutrition.

Fitting in lots of micronutrients that can boost your immune system doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. Fresh fruits, like oranges and bananas, usually cost under $0.50 a serving. Plus, they come in their own natural packaging, which makes them easy to take on a walk to class or pack away for lunch on campus.

Experts recommend anywhere from 75 to 90 milligrams of vitamin C daily to witness immune system benefits. With an average of 70 milligrams per serving, a medium orange gets you most of the way there!

Check out these ideas for other healthy meals. 

2. Practice social distancing (the fun way)

Social distancing doesn’t have to be incredibly boring and lonely. There are plenty of ways to stay connected with classmates and even make new friends.

  • Host a virtual study group on Zoom or FaceTime.
  • Technology can be great for staying connected, but why not kick it old school? Write an old-fashioned letter to a family member, friend, or missionary!
  • Rexburg has plenty of outdoor adventures that make it easy to practice social distancing. Hiking, skiing, and snowboarding are all within driving distance. Mesa Falls, Rigby Lake, and R Mountain are all popular adventures for BYU-Idaho students.

3. Stay on top of apartment cleaning

Keeping your living space clean could not only kill the COVID-19 virus itself but keep other viruses and bacteria that can make you more vulnerable to COVID-19 at bay. Getting together with your roommates to determine who is responsible for what chores is a good way to get everyone on board with apartment cleanliness. As it’s probably everyone’s first time living on their own, getting on the same page as to what you each consider “clean” is probably a good idea. Rotating chore wheels can be a good way to ensure everyone is doing their fair share of housework.

According to the CDC, the novel virus may be viable on a number of surfaces for hours and even up to days. Coming up with a cleaning protocol and fitting it into your study schedule can help alleviate the anxiety of bringing COVID-19 into your apartment.

Despite how different this semester may feel, a few tweaks to your day-to-day schedule can keep you safe at American Avenue and still allow you to enjoy your Fall semester!