Whether you are taking online classes for the Fall semester or just need a study spot suitable for social distancing, setting up your apartment office is imperative for a successful college experience. Follow these tips and transform your American Avenue space into a focused study haven. 

Find the right location

Conserve energy and save on your utility bill by opting for a location with plenty of natural light. According to a study by a Cornell University professor, 84% of office employees who worked in areas with plenty of natural light saw increased productivity and decreased eyestrain and headaches. Facing your desk toward a window allows sunshine in and distractions out of your workspace. If natural light isn’t available, choose a sturdy and bright desk lamp to keep the ideas flowing.  

Organize your study space

Your desk is a reflection of your state of mind. With phone chargers, computer cables and keyboard cords, you’re bound to feel overwhelmed. Cable clips or sleeves can discreetly hide unsightly cords and prevent time-wasting tangles.


Installing your internet router by your desk not only improves connectivity, but keeps it in arms’ reach for any quick reboots.  


Carve out a space for your class textbooks on your desk. This provides easy access to all your references when completing assignments. Plus, your days of searching for your books and running late to class are over!

Make comfort a priority 

When it comes to picking the perfect office chair, ergonomics is the name of the game. Chances are you’ll be spending a lot of time in your study spot, so investing in a comfortable, yet effective, chair is important. If you study an average of just one hour a day for the entire semester, that’s nearly 9,000 minutes spent in your chair. 


A good chair should provide support while both your feet are firmly on the floor to promote good posture. Features to look for include comfortable materials, adjustability, and lumbar support. Sure, a swivel chair is fun, but will it help you stay focused and comfortable?      

Decorate your space

Liven up your space (literally) with an indoor plant. Studies have shown that indoor plants can boost creativity, improve air quality and strengthen concentration. Succulents, such as cacti and aloe vera, require little attention and can fit the busiest of student schedules. Pothos plants, with their leafy, green foliage, are low-maintenance air purifiers and are perfect for hanging pots.  


Just because you should take your study area seriously, doesn’t mean you can’t add a personal touch to remind you of your goals. Are you interested in Sports Management? Hang a poster of your favorite sports legend. Are you a Finance major? Keep a framed quote from your Wall Street inspiration on your desk.


Embrace your space at American Avenue and make the most of your Fall semester!