Whether it’s your first semester at BYU-Idaho or you are moving from a different apartment to American Avenue, it’s important to pack wisely. As you pack up all your belongings, you’ll be surprised by how much stuff you have. 



Bring a mattress pad

College provided mattresses are nowhere near as comfy as your bed back home. Do you and your back a favor and invest in a mattress pad. You’ll need a mattress cover, so you might as well get a pad while you are at it. It will make your nights much cozier. 

Keep your clothes on the hanger

If you are moving via car or moving truck, don’t fold and pack all your clothes. Instead, keep them on the hanger and put them in a garbage bag with the hanger coming out the top. Or, you can cut a hole for your hangers at the bottom. This will make hanging your clothes easier while still keeping them clean as you move. Plus, it makes unpacking much faster! 

Talk to your new roommates

Moving into a new apartment with new roommates can seem daunting at first. However, it’s an age of social media. There’s no shame in finding your roommates online and chatting them. It can be less awkward on move-in day when you have a vague idea of the strangers you are about to live with. 

Donate old clothes/items

Take a good hard look at everything you own. Do you wear all your clothes? Do you enjoy all of your trinkets? If something you own is just taking up space, don’t bring it to your new place. Moving is a great time to purge. Make a box for anything you are ready to donate and take it to your local thrift store. 



Bring out season items

If you are plan on visiting home during a semester break or long weekend, wait until then to pack seasonal items. If you are moving in during the spring, you probably don’t need to pack your winter coat, snow boots, gloves, and scarves. When you travel home, bring the items you won’t need anymore to switch out, like beach towels and hammocks. 

Overstuff your boxes

Boxes help during the moving process, but they are easy to overstuff. If you fill a large box with too many heavy items like books or kitchen supplies, the bottom is more likely to fall open and drop all your things. To avoid this, only use small or medium-sized boxes to move. You’ll be less likely to overfill the boxes, plus they’ll be easier to arrange in your car or moving vehicle. 

Forget toilet paper

It might seem odd to bring toilet paper, but, likely, your new apartment won’t have a new roll waiting for you. You don’t want to need to use the bathroom and not have any toilet paper! 

Pack important papers

If you have your birth certificate, passport, social security card, or other important documents, don’t stuff them into one of your boxes. Seal your important papers and carry them with you in a personal backpack or purse to ensure they aren’t lost during the moving process. 


We hope this list makes planning and packing a little easier. We’re excited to have you at American Avenue!