Whether it’s your first semester or you’re graduating, there are plenty of fun activities offered on campus at BYU-Idaho. Make a bucket list with your roommates or by yourself to help you stay motivated and take advantage of all that this university has to offer.

Join an Intramural Team
While you might be disappointed that BYU-Idaho doesn’t have a mascot to cheer on or any sports teams to be a part of, each semester the school offers new intramural sports teams to join. If you’ve always wanted to try a new sport or you want to reminisce on your days of kickball, give intramural sports a try!

Take a Fitness Class
If it’s your first semester, you’ve probably been keenly aware of the phrase “freshman fifteen.” While it’s easy to gain weight with a diet of Top Ramen and Pop-Tarts, you can keep weight off by joining a campus fitness class. Not only does working out keep you physically healthy, but fitness classes will also help give you a mental break and an opportunity to socialize.

Visit the Campus Museums
BYU-Idaho has three popular museums for students to tour—like the Spori Art Gallery, the Geology Museum, and the Life-Science Museum. These exhibits will give you a close-up experience of taxidermied animals, fossils and minerals, and art.

Go to Devotional
Attending a devotional is a classic experience for BYU-Idaho students. Every Tuesday there is a break from class schedules to allow students and faculty to join together in the I-Center to listen to speakers share words of wisdom. These speakers typically include faculty members, though sometimes they are leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Attend First Friday/I-Night ($)
On the first Friday of the semester, the campus organizes a social event to welcome all the students. The event typically includes music, games, comedy shows, and dancing. This event does cost money, however, if you don’t want to pay for the activities, you can still walk around and meet new people.

Stroll through the Gardens
If you ever need a place to take a date, study, or play Pokemon Go, take a stroll through the Ricks Gardens. The gardens have many different alcoves that are perfect for studying and the paths are neatly groomed for you to walk with a date—just don’t plan on being alone, it’s a popular spot!

Go bowling ($)
Bowling on campus is extremely affordable…plus it’s fun! Bowling is a great activity to do with your roommates, your church group, or for a date. You can also grab some grub from the Strike Zone’s concessions, like a pretzel, pizza, nachos, or corndog. Be sure to make a reservation because the six lanes fill up fast.

Ropes Course ($)
If you need another fun activity to do with a group, check out the BYU-Idaho ropes course. You’ll need to schedule a time to go, but the activities at the ropes course, like climbing or forming a giant swing, are great opportunities for team-building.

Live Events
Each semester the school features some amazing events—like plays, recitals, conferences, and concerts. A popular event for students to attend is Power-2-Become, which happens bi-annually and features different motivational speakers. Live events are also great ways to support other students, especially dancers, musicians, and theatrical crews.

Rent from the ORC ($)
Under the stadium bleachers, you’ll find the Outdoor Resource Center stocked with canoes, snowboards, skis, tubes, and other equipment available for rent. This center allows students to take advantage of the weather during each season. Don’t let winter be an excuse for never getting outside!

Roller Skate ($)
Need an indoor activity? Every Monday and Saturday night the Grand Ballroom in the Manwaring Center is open for roller skating. Even if you are bound to fall a bunch of times, try it out! And don’t worry, they have skates for you to borrow.

Audition for a Talent Show
BYU-Idaho is teeming with students who are full of talent. If you are one of these students, why not show off your skills? Almost every semester a talent show is held for students to participate in.

Eat at the Crossroads ($)
Yes, you should save money. However, your experience at BYU-Idaho wouldn’t be complete without at least one meal from the Crossroads. With plenty of different cafes to choose from, it won’t be hard to find something you like.

Stadium Singing
Almost every Sunday night you can hear singing from under the stadium bleachers. To end their Sabbath day, students gather together to sing hymns, and with the great acoustics from the bleachers, it always sounds wonderful.

Pick Apples from the Orchard ($)
Though this activity is only available in the fall, it’s one that should still be on your list. If you’ve never had the experience of climbing a ladder and picking apples until your basket is full, this is one of the best opportunities you’ll find. Plus, the orchard is beautiful and should be appreciated. If you can’t come in the fall, check it out in the spring when all the blossoms are in bloom.