Spooky-season, cuffing-season, whatever you want to call it, the fall semester is the prime-time for dating. With the cold weather quickly creeping in, it can be difficult to find creative ideas that don’t involve either the cliché ice cream date or devo-date. Here are our top 10 picks for creative fall dates in the Rexburg area.

1. Haunted Attractions

Did someone say spooky-season? Nothing screams “bonding” like being bound to the hip while screaming. Although it’s up to you to decide if your date is clinging onto your arm out of pure terror, or if it’s just an excuse to get closer to you. Odds are, it’s probably both. If the date is going well, top it off with a scary movie or bring back one of the Halloween classics like Hocus Pocus.

2. Visit a Ghost Town

Whether they’re truly haunted or not, ghost towns make for a fun adventure in the crisp autumn air. Round up your beanies and boots, and buckle up for a drive to the wild west. The two nearest ghost towns to Rexburg are Herbert (13 miles southeast of town) and Herman (70 miles southeast of town).

3. Apple Picking

Did you know there’s an apple orchard on campus? From August-October apples are available for picking at $0.50 per pound. See who can find the biggest and juiciest apples to either eat fresh or make an apple pie/dessert. But hurry, time is running out before the snow arrives!

4. Cave Exploring

Before the snow blocks-off road access, explore the many caves located in the area. Some of the closer ones include the 40 Horse Cave, Civil Defense Caves, Ice Caves, and Wind Cave. Make sure to check online for road and cave access updates before finding yourself stuck or halted at a “closed road” sign.

5. Roast Some ‘Mallows

Cozy up close to your date over the warmth of a small bonfire. Bring materials for s’mores and even get creative by sandwiching the ‘mallows with cookies. Make sure to do your research on legal bonfire locations in town; no one wants to get busted by the cops in the middle of a great date!

6. Skate Date

You already slid into the DMs, so why not slide into the rink! Take your date either ice skating or roller skating at one of three nearby locations: roller skating on campus, Starlite Skating in Idaho Falls, or ice skating at Tafus Park in Idaho Falls.

7. Fall Drive

Keep it simple by going for a fall drive to admire the beautiful autumn colors. Take the backroads towards Driggs or head to Cress Creek Nature Trail to scout out the changing trees. Bring your favorite road snacks and jam out to some road-tripping tunes along the way. It’s all about the journey, not the destination!

8. Carve/Decorate Pumpkins

Pick out and carve a pumpkin together, or make it a competition to see whose is best. Have your roommates or a neighbor be the judge of the winning pumpkin. Get creative by painting the pumpkins with acrylics rather than carving them. Or, for a sweet treat, switch it up and carve watermelons instead!

9. Make Caramel Apples

For some reason, fall and caramel apples just seem to go hand-in-hand. Make your own together and get creative with the toppings! If you choose to dip the caramel apples in chocolate as well, here’s a tip, the key to avoid pooling apples is to wait until the chocolate has cooled down a bit before sticking your toppings on.

10. Thrift Shop Shoot

Take a trip to Deseret Industries and see who can find the ugliest fall sweater for the other. Go to the park or downtown alley-ways for an ugly sweater photoshoot. Take advantage of the excuse to take photos and selfies together in case they come in handy later down the road (*wink, wink*).

There are so many fun date ideas to do in the fall; there’s no need to resort to boring dates or no dates at all due to the cold weather. Be bold and ask out that certain someone now that you have some awesome date ideas in your back pocket.